Remember that cover of Memories of You I said I was gonna do last year? Here you go!

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Seriously though, a big thank you to the sexy folk that helped me get the instrumental made. It took a year to get everything done, but I think it was worth the wait (and the bloodhsed). I’ve sent out an e-mail to the folks listed in the video! If you didn’t get an e-mail, then just shoot me a message on YouTube/Tumblr with the e-mail address associated with your paypal account (that way I know for sure you are who you say you are)! ALSO, a big fat lovely thank you to SHADOWFOX2 and Zach Striefel for bringing the instrumental to life, and Merr and Y. Chang for providing their blood and sweat for the lyrics! It was a long ride and I’m glad it’s finally over.

Lyrics by: Merr, Sapphire, & Y. Chang
Instrumental by: SHADOWFOX2, and Zach Striefel 



When the wind rings high
and the light hits your eyes
Time for one last ride off to dreamland
Don’t you worry, I’ll be here
To remember you, dear
Your laugh, your smile
All your happiness, and your tears

 And it’s hard some days
(But I’ll be okay)
'Cause even when it's tough
You give me just enough
So I can keep on goin’
When I close my eyes
(And I dream at night)
I feel you in my arms

Safe and sound
Here with me
Everything we found
Makes me sing


Night after night you paved the way,
Put up the fight to save the day
Now you’re a hero
You brought the light that made today
Perfect and bright, so dream away
Now you’re an angel 
Sleeping in peace
Baby, you’ll be
Surrounded by my love through all eternity

Lay down your head and close your eyes
Right off to bed to sleep tonight, I will be watchin’
Thinking of you, the times we had
All of the good and all the bad
Never forgotten
Seal it with a kiss
Promise you this
I’ll love you till the end of time, forever


When I’m out downtown
I can still hear the sound
Of a voice that sounds so familiar
Lift my head and turn around
You’re nowhere to be found
Just big blue sky
And my teardrops on the ground

 But I’ll be okay
(‘Cause I know someday)
That even though you’re gone
I know it won’t be long
Til I can see you again
As the seasons change
(In our special place)
I’ll wait right here for you

Won’t forget
Any part
Every moment set
In my heart


Who would have known that you would be
Someone I’d hold so dear to me
You were a treasure
Part of a life I spent with you
Forever bright, forever true
I will remember
Road may be long
I’ll be strong
I promise you that I’ll hold onto that feeling

You stuck with me until the end
We were a team, you were my friend
You held me tight and never let go, never let go, never let go
It’s like you’re here right by my side you’re part of my soul 
I’m never alone
Cause baby, I will never leave you

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What really sucks though

I think I might like someone, but my heart is too damn stubborn to tell me if I do or not. It’d rather sit in its corner and be all empty and scared.

I bet she won’t read this but there’s probably no point.

She’ll probably have found someone by the time I can even tell if I like her or not.

It’s so sad that my heart’s been hurt and broken to the point that this is even happening. I literally have no courage to tell her “hey I think I like you but I don’t know if I do and it might not even work and I don’t even think you like me but hey.”


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